Netball Now

*New* Fun, commitment-free match play


Netball Now is a simple, straight forward way to play netball. It’s not a coached session, it’s not a competition led by rules, regulations or recorded scores – it is simply a session where you turn up, pay a small fee and play a game of netball! If you’re currently playing and want to play a bit more as it beats the gym; or if you’re looking for a flexible, non-committed way to play netball over the summer then Netball Now is for you!

Who can get involved in Netball Now?

Anyone who is 16 and over can join in with Netball Now. We will need you to register at your first session but after that you’re ready to play at a Netball Now session whenever you want to. You do not have to be an affiliated member to take part, but those that are will receive a discount. Please note if you are under 18, we will need your parent/guardian to sign the registration form which can be obtained from a Netball Development Officer.

What can i expect at Netball Now?

It is a simple game of netball and hopefully lots of fun. It is important that you know and appreciate there is no coaching at the sessions; if you do want to be coached you might want to try your local club or a Back to Netball session. There will be time for you to warm up before you hit the court and during the session there will be chance to try various positions on court and in some cases even have a go at umpiring. At the end of the session we will also give you time to cool down to prevent those aches, pains and injuries kicking in!

What is expected of me at a session?

The sessions are just for fun and we want you to enjoy and get what you want in terms of a game and a work out. However, to help make sure the games are safe and played in good spirit we do have a few simple things we need you to agree to during the session;

  • Follow the code of conduct for ‘athletes/players’
  • Inform us of any injury, medical condition or adaption you may have before the start of the session – this will be kept in confidence
  • ·Do your own self-led warm up and cool down

These are all covered in more detail in the Netball Now terms & conditions which can be viewed on the England Netball website


Player Perspective

net2“I decided to give Netball Now a go as it seemed an ideal way to get back into a sport I loved at school, without the full time commitment of joining a club.  It worked really well for me as there was a session near my workplace, everyone was enthusiastic regardless of ability level and running round in the sunshine was a great work de-stresser:  I’d definitely recommend it for anyone in a similar position to me who is looking for a way to get back to fitness in a fun way – I ended up going to every session!” Lisa Holland – NN Coventry Summer 2014″