Tutor/Assessor Training

England Netball is inviting qualified Level 2 coaches and B Award Officials to join their tutor and assessor workforce to deliver the UKCC Level 1 & 2 qualifications and C & B Awards officiating courses.

We are now offering courses that will support and provide you with a nationally recognised tutor and/or assessor transferable qualification:

  • 1st4Sport ADL: Award in delivering learning
  • 1st4Sport AAVRA: Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement.

If you can demonstrate any of the following…

  • Good presentation skills
  • Confidence in and some experience of working with adult learners
  • An interest in developing interactive tutoring/assessing skills
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Relevant netball coaching/officiating experience and knowledge, or specialist technical knowledge
  • Commitment to England Netball to develop a quality coach/officiating education programme
  • Willingness to help, support and develop others
  • Enjoyment of the sport of Netball

…please read on!

You will find information on the type of criteria that is essential or desirable should you be aspiring to become a tutor or an assessor, or both! There are also financial benefits to becoming part of the England Netball’s workforce together with the remuneration rates available.

The contents of the ‘Training Programmes’ – prices, dates and venues give you all the necessary information you need to book your place, using the form provided.

Once you have made your choice(s), please complete the booking form and the profile form(s) and return to England Netball.

We look forward to working with you to produce a quality workforce to deliver and support coaching qualifications and officiating awards, now and in the future.

In order to ensure that England Netball can build a quality workforce, you are asked to meet specified criteria before you join one of our training programmes.

The criteria requirements are specific to the area you are interested in working.

Coach Tutor & Assessor Criteria


  • Level 2 Club Coach Award/UKCC Level 2 Coach qualification
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the game
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Well-developed philosophy of teaching
  • Proven coaching ability over an extended period


  • England Netball Tutor of other relevant courses i.e. Netball for Players aged 7-11
  • Experience of Adult Education e.g. scUK Tutor / College Lecturer

Benefits Package

England Netball are subsiding the Tutor/Assessor Training but do require a contribution towards the initial training. However, on completion you will be offered half pay rates whilst co-tutoring or co-assessing and full rates when you are deemed competent and hold either the Certificate in Tutoring Sport or Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport.

Services provided & Daily Rate

Accredited Tutor – £160
Co-Tutor – £80
Accredited Lead Assessor – £150
Accredited Assessor – £140
Accredited Co-Assessor – £70


  • Travel and subsistence allowance
  • Employment through England Netball
  • Provision for Continual Personal Development

For details of course prices, dates, venues and how to apply please visit the England Netball website.